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    Crude is an award winning darkly humorous drama (not authorized by Mötley Crüe or any of its members) about a band who rose up from the streets of Hollywood to become a cultural phenomenon, and how for one brief, shining moment, all things seemed possible. Starring Ryan Ruffing, Phillip-Charlie D...

  • PsychoDelicate's Magical Mystery Comedy Show

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    "Psychodelicate, an interdimensional traveler/Psychedelic Clown is Here Now to spread the Good News of the Multiverse, Opening Hearts and Expanding Minds through interdimensional travel demonstration and practicum. To fulfill on their mission, they're hosting a variety show, interspersed with les...

  • If I Look This Good, Why Do I Feel Like Sh*t?

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    If I Look This Good, Why Do I Feel Like Sh*t? takes us down the emotional super highway of Jessica, a half-Jew, half off-the-boat German who grew up in the South, went to college in New York City and briefly became a professional dancer that took her to Italy in a botched burlesque show.

  • 4 Seasons Total Sh!tshow ***ENCORE WINNER***

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    "Following the principle, “if you just say anything loud enough and long enough, it’s real,” 2020 campaign staffers Keri, Todd, Christianné, and — uh, another guy — race against the clock in the styles of “24” and “Veep” to change reality to fit @RealDonaldTrump’s declaration: “Lawyers Press Conf...

  • Cleo Universe

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    It's the year 3000. A new energy crisis looms. Disheveled Wormhole Bus mechanic Cleo Universe witnesses his best friend’s murder at the hands of cops, which launches him to the frontlines of saving Earth and pits him against his hero, the richest human alive, tech mogul Max Eon! 🪐 ✨ 🚀

  • Trust Me, I'm from Essex

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    From Essex to London to LA and everything in between, come join this wild ride of growing up in a Catholic school to the bright lights of Los Angeles.

  • Love Chicken ***ENCORE WINNER***

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    Love Chicken explores interpersonal questions of belonging, choice, friendship, and love. Longtime friends Yan and Lolo are planning a weekend getaway for their queer chosen family to reconnect, following Lolo's gender transition and Yan's estranged relationship with staid husband Dave. Lolo and ...

  • It's In Our Bones ***ENCORE WINNER***

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    Olive has retreated to her family's cabin where she's been trying to write the ultimate suicide note for the past six months. She's interrupted by her younger, controlling sister Amber bringing news from the outside. They clash and Olive runs off into the woods in search of her lost family when...

  • Revelation!

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    An Open and Shut Case?

    Who is Clive Kennedy? And what is he hiding?
    A One-Man Musical Show that leaps out of a suitcase and takes you on an unusual journey with the well travelled – British gentleman and award winning songwriter/musician.. The show will include some of the GREATEST...

  • Looking Pass Loss ***ENCORE WINNER***

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    An unexpected through line disrupts a college student’s grief, leaving her to wonder if she’ll ever get back up on her feet.

  • How To Be Japanese

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    Miyo Yamauchi is both Japanese and Angeleno, a seasoned storyteller and professional web developer. Being the outsider when she entered a new culture gave her an excellent vantage point to question the status quo. Miyo says, "YOUR NORMAL IS NOT MY NORMAL." A different perspective makes her advent...

  • Vincerò- The Italian Opera Experience

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    Party like it’s 1799 at an Italian Masquerade-themed evening where you will be immersed in fun and evocative opera experience featuring the world’s most-loved arias, trailblazing music and outstanding performances.

  • Buskers Ball

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    "Who is Mikey? He’s been the boogeyman of the streets for months, terrorizing women who are unlucky enough to cross his path. That is, until Anora North, a street busker, tipped off the coppers as to Mikey’s whereabouts. That should have been the end of it with Mikey behind lock and key. But last...

  • A Day With My Mother

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    "A story about a woman who’s here today, but miles away. We center on the struggles of being a slave to the human mind. Cecilia feels haunted, and her days are foggy. She’s afraid to leave her home, leaving others to pick up the slack. When you’re completely out of control, who’s in control? Ceci...

  • Mother Grace ***ENCORE WINNER***

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    "Kind-hearted, middle-aged pastor Linus Stephenson is seemingly the walking embodiment of God's healing power, having grown from a physically, emotionally and sexually abused boy into a reverend who has transformed countless lives with his love and wisdom.

    However, not all is as it seems and it'...

  • Gummy Worm ***ENCORE WINNER***

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    Four best friends are in over their heads when they sign up for their high school's abstinence-only sex-ed class. Confessions are made. Risks are taken. Long-standing friendships are tested. Presented by The New Cosmopolitans and Theatre Asylum.

  • The Verse Violent Chorus - Part 1 ***ENCORE WINNER

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    In this EDM rockopera, a demon from another dimension possesses a singer onstage to warn all of us about the sinister plot the deity from his dimension plans to visit upon our world. Chaos ensues from there.